On the Brink - America's Choice 2012

David Parker offers an insider's glimpse at the coming election, where we are as a nation, how we got here and the choice before us. He provides a substantive and stark contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Further, he shares personal insights about Governor Romney, his leadership capacity, experience and perspectives about America and what lies ahead.

Believing that the mainstream media will shield the public from pertinent facts and information, Parker provides factual statements and illustrations, in summary form, that offer a compelling argument why Mitt Romney should be elected President of the United States, and how he can win in November.

A brief tome, this book delivers a concise, clear and compelling depiction of America's choice in 2012. It appeals to a general population that has been solely reliant upon news outlets and the mainstream media, and who has yet to delve into the substance of the November election. The book further appeals to those who are political junkies, as it offers additional insights and perspectives from an insider's view.

Most deliberately, the book is a concise and catalytic primer to inform the reader and provoke further thought and study as we face America's defining moment. Our very freedoms are at stake in the November election and the author has sought to present an argument that the reader can absorb easily and share with others. On the Brink is an easy and well-informed read. For anyone sitting on the fence about the November election, this book is a must-read.

Even though the book, On The Brink, attempts to offer clarity of choice with little bias, it appears Mr. Parker has become a target of Obama's Alinsky-type intimidation tactics - We encourage the purchase of multiple copies of the book to share with friends and family to assist in the costs of defending the freedoms we each enjoy, and challenging the intimidation.


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